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03 February 2007 @ 01:54 pm
it's been forever. i usually write in a notebook now, it's easier to just pull it out and write in it versus getting on the computer. there's been a lot of change. new people, new classes.. slowly, but gradualy there's change, the kind that you're not really even aware of as it's happening.

I'm just excited about this poem:)

It comes in light bursts,
A smile for the bluest of skies and
driving with the windows down weather,

the breeze gently touching your face, the sun
warming your lips and
that song that was stuck in your head all day
finally playing on the radio—

so you turn it up
and sing until your voice disappears.
A secret laugh with your best friend,
wild over the top

hysterics over something
only they would understand.
A perfect, oh so succulent bite
From a perfect meal

only mom could make.
A nod from a stranger, a driver
that stops traffic to let you get
to the other side.
A lingering hug

that you feel long after it’s over,
A glow from the inside that carries
throughout the day
Impenetrable, because it is

Contagious, floating feeling
But fleeting

Like Sadness

It comes in light bursts
Waking up from a tragic dream -so real-
she had fallen, sobbing,
felt the cold hardwood floor pressed
against her cheek,
wet eyes fluttered open,
but I could have sworn it happened.

A look of disappointment from mom,
who stands weary
against the pristine kitchen counter,
her favorite spot.

Nostalgia- walking by an old friend,
slowing down, but speeding up
when you realize
you have nothing to say.

The constant motion,
feet pounding on the pavement
head down, intensely rushing
from one place to another,
no time to slow down
take a deep breath
and watch the delicate snow fall.

Sleeping all night, but feeling tired,
the dulling fatigue settles in,
like a rock,

and the motivation
starts to drift away…

Like Happiness.
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27 May 2006 @ 02:35 am
types of friends:

"The never get enough of. The ones you got into stupid fights with. The ones you would trust your life with. The ones who are there, anytime and friends that I have gained. The ones that I have lost. The ones that have made me laugh uncontrollably for absolutely no reason. The ones I've stayed up with all night just because we didn't feel like sleeping. The ones who I sit there and watch my favorite movie and eat a tub of ice cream with all night. The ones who I can somehow never get tired of. The ones that I need small doses of. The ones who have made my life better. The ones who have somehow made it bad at one point or another. The ones who have seen you at your happiness. The ones who have seen you at your worst. The ones who undoubtedly changed your life. The ones who made you happy. The ones who made you cry yourself to sleep. The ones who saw you at your happiest moment. The ones who stayed up with you all night because you were so sad. The ones you made mistakes with. The ones who told you about your mistakes. The ones who tried to stop your mistakes. The ones who made your mistake worth while. The ones who didn't judge you because of your stupid mistakes. The ones who do way too many prank phone calls with. The ones who broke your heart. The ones who picked up those pieces and tried to help you put it all back together. The ones that broke your heart, but gained a better friendship. The ones you don't get to see enough of. The ones who you could anywhere. The ones you let down. The ones who let you down. The ones you eat food you absolutely hate for. The ones you can dance, and not care how retarded you look, with. The ones who you lived with, at least once. The ones who lived with you. The one who make your life better. The ones you partied with. The ones who showed you how to party. The ones that make you laugh until seven in the morning. The ones you have heart to heart talks with until all hours of the night. The ones you become attached to, physically and emotionally. The ones you can just be yourself around The ones who, after all these years and all these mistakes, still manage to be seen with you in public. The ones, who after all these years, that you know won't be going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of distance. The ones who you have gotten into way too many stupid fights with. The ones that bring out your crazy side, or vice-versa. The ones who were there for you those nights when your life fell apart. The ones who were there when they didn't even know that your life fell apart. The ones who made you smile through your stubbornness. The ones who kept you alive, especially when you thought you couldn't make it through another day.The ones you make you laugh so hard you cry and hurt. The ones who.. just simply make your life worth living."

Friends are amazing.. every type of them. :)
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25 April 2005 @ 10:39 pm

Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu anhu narrates that the Prophet Mohammad (S) said: Musa ibne Imran Alais Salam said: O my Rabb, who is the most respectable slave in your esteem? Allah the Almighty and Majestic replied: He who forgives despite having a capability to avenge.

Abu Said Al-Khudri and Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu anhuma narrates: Rasullullah (S) said: When ever a Muslim faces fatigue, illness, worry, grief, injury and sorry; even gets pricked by a thorn; Allah, in lieu of the suffering, removes some of his sins.

Atiya Radiyallahu anhu narrates: Rasulullah(S) said: Anger comes from the effects of Shatian, Shaitan is created from fire, and fire is extinguished with watr. So, if one of you become angry, he should perform Wudu.

Jabir Radiyallu anhu narrates: Rasullullah (S) said: Out of you the most beloved and nearest to me, on the Day of Ressurrection, will be those with the most excellent character.


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29 September 2004 @ 08:24 pm
This might clear up some issues/questions:

By Dr. Altaf Kaisaruddin

It was a beautiful day, masha Allah. Most days were beautiful on
Dominica, but today was a little more special. I walked through the
gate toward the school. The security guard and I greeted each other.

"You goin' home soon?"
"Yeah, after I finish my finals. But I'll be back for the next

"You got people waiting for you?"

"Yeah, my family and friends."

"You got a girlfriend waiting for you?" He smiled a sly smile.

"Come on, P," I smiled back, "you know Muslims don't date."

Actually, he probably didn't know that. The people on this tiny
island know very little about Islam. From the news (cable TV from New
York) they learn that Muslims are violent, and from their preachers
they learn that all Muslim men have four wives.
"You don't date?" He asked with the standard surprise. People are
always surprised when I tell them that. Rather than get defensive, I
act as if they should know. It makes them more curious.

Then he asked the usual next question: "Well, how do you all get

I went through how dating is a relatively new phenomenon, only 50-60
years old, how it's only practiced in some parts of the world, and
how it doesn't work very well as evidenced by the sky-high divorce
rate. People have been getting married all over the world for
thousands of years without dating. In reality, not dating is the

"So, are the marriages arranged?"

"That's one way of doing it. See, Islam has guidelines for life.
Allah says to cover ourselves, and you see Muslims with many types of
dress. Allah says not to eat pork, not to drink alcohol and a couple
of other things. Muslims have so many varieties of foods. Regarding
marriage, Allah asks that we conduct ourselves with dignity, honor
and respect. The parents should be involved in the process,
everything's up front and there are no games. The man and the woman
have to agree, and they can say no for any reason. Any reason.
Nobody's trying to trick someone else, go back door, get something
for nothing, play this one for that one, or any other social
foolishness. Relationships between men and women are serious stuff.
And with the parents involved early, it provides additional stability
to the relationship." Without exception, at this point the people are
nodding in agreement.
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